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Sunseeker Pink Shimmer with 10% Zinc Oxide

Sunseeker Pink Shimmer with 10% Zinc Oxide

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Our Sunseeker lip balms are especially creamy and a little different from our other lip balms, but this is part of why we LOVE them so much! We can’t get enough of their luscious texture. Just a heads up, a thick layer of Pink Shimmer Sunseeker lip balm will leave your lips slightly whitened (a very light, shimmery pink). Not to worry, this is a clear sign that the Zinc Oxide is doing its job of protecting your lips, and it’s actually a good thing! 

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, grapeseed oil, carrot tissue oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil, vanilla & peppermint flavour, vitamin e, mica

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Eros

I really like the idea of the 10%zinc oxide but even the pink shimmer comes out on the lips as white, it is not very nice looking. I know I have seen over zinc oxide with a bit of color, which would make it much easier to wearing an everyday basis. I don't really want to wear white lipstick of white anything on my lips.

Sonia Bossé

Merci pour ces super baumes à lèvres. Je les adore, ils sont tellement hydratant. Félicitation pour votre entreprise ☺️

Jenn S
Can’t make a wrong choice

First time trying the zinc oxide option. Gotta wait til I’m not in a blizzard to confirm the sun protection, but the pink shimmery effect is nice and feels good on. Not sticky or thick.

Joanne Palmer
Perfect for Summer

My granddaughter and I had a fight over who would get the Sunseeker Pink Shimmer. We wear sunscreen all year….the Pink Shimmer is a delight to wear.

Kathy Usher
Protection and Class!!

Love the shimmer and pink color, perfect for vacation time on the beach and around the pool!!

why moody bee?

our lip balms are so luxurious smooth.

we have mastered the art of blending high quality oils with beeswax. It's an experience for your senses.

Why beeswax?

Beeswax offers superior protection for your skin and lips.