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Live Mason Bee Cocoons - pack of 10 - PICK UP ONLY- order deadline is April 13th

Live Mason Bee Cocoons - pack of 10 - PICK UP ONLY- order deadline is April 13th

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To be picked up at the Moody Bee store Saturday April 29th or Sunday April 30th, between 10am-5pm. They can remain at the store for a few more days if these dates don’t work for you. 

You will receive 10 live mason bee cocoons. 

You will keep your cocoons in the fridge until it is consistently 13 degrees Celcius during the day (night temp doesn't matter). There also needs to be blooms for them to feed on. Typically in Kimberley, this has been around May 10-15th.  When it's time, place your cocoons in your bee house (not in the tubes, but somewhere secure). Depending on the weather it can take anywhere from immediately up to two weeks for your bees to emerge. 

Males will typically emerge first, then the females. They will fly away and mate, then the females should return and start nesting in your bee house approximately 3-4 days later. A reminder that these are wild bees & we cannot guarantee that they will live in your nesting box- however, mason bees typically don't fly far as long as they have everything they need AND there are many native bees around Kimberley so it's likely that your nesting box will be used, even if it is not by the bees you specifically purchased. Either way, you are contributing to pollination in the Kootenays:) 

Crown Bees has a great website with TONS of information about raising mason bees.  Although we are here to support you, we highly recommend using their website to guide your experience this Spring/Summer as they are experts and most of the staff at Moody Bee are still learning!

Please forward any questions about mason bees or butterflies to Roma at

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Patricia Smith

Live Mason Bee Cocoons - pack of 20 - PICK UP ONLY- order deadline is April 13th

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