Introducing our NEW Moody Bee Pure Line

Moody Bee is super excited to introduce our new Pure line! Since opening in 2016 we have noticed that there is more and more interest in having product without any fragrance. As a family owned and run business we get to hear what our customers want, and we pay attention. This is how the Moody Bee Pure line was born! We now offer Moody Bee lip balm, body butter, lip scrub, and worker hand balm in Moody Bee's Pure selections. These products are free from essential oils, fragrance, flavor, and colour.

In other news we recently purchased a building here in Kimberley, BC, and have been working very hard these last few months getting our new store up and running, and things are looking fantastic and running smoothly.

We are so grateful for all of you who love our products! All of our love and passion overflows into each of these products. We create and test each new item and with our staff's help, we make what you now see as Moody Bee - a growing and flourishing business.

You can order any of these products online. Shipping is free when you order over $50!

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